KARVY is one of India’s largest integrated financial services group. With humble beginnings as a shareholder servicing company, Karvy firmly entrenched itself in a host of financial and non financial business segments by effectively using technology to deliver quality, safe and secure transactions for all its customers – both individuals and corporate.


Karvy today virtually covers the length and breadth of India with its over 900 offices offering financial services that range from simple equity investing to wealth management across various financial asset classes, loans to individuals, corporate, SMEs, Investment banking,


Mutual Fund and Shareholder servicing. Another key and notable feature of Karvy’s financial services has been its ability to build and offer quality advice and research to all its customers across various asset classes.


Karvy’s overseas presence includes Dubai, Bahrain and New York where it offers Indian financial products, Equity Research and transaction processing services. Karvy today touches lives of almost one-third of India's population.