Review is operated by Safecap Investments Limited, a Financial Services Company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 092/08 and by the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa as an authorized Financial Services Provider under the no. 43906. was the recipient of the London Investor Show Forex “Best Customer Service 2012” award, and the Global Banking & Finance Review “Best Broker in Customer Service Europe 2012” award, in addition to numerous other awards over the past years.


Accounts is a world leader when it comes to trading and is one of the best choices one can make when choosing a broker. The company offers competitive spreads and generous trading leverage up to 200:1– all for a minimum deposit of just $100 (which can easily be deposited via credit card, bank transfer, or web money).


Traders can set up a standard account within minutes once all of the necessary compliance documents are uploaded. allows trading in in equities, gold, oil, stocks, commodities, CFDs and currencies. More than 1,900 CFDs are offered, across all asset classes.


Contracts for Difference (CFD) give traders all the benefits of owning a particular stock, index, or commodity position – without having to physically own the underlying instrument itself, enabling clients to trade the change in price of multiple commodity and equity markets, with leverage and immediate execution. A customer enters into a contract for a CFD at the quoted price and the difference between that price and the price when the position is closed is settled in cash – hence the name “Contract for Difference” or CFD. provides commission-free trading, with absolutely zero fees – and also has some of the most competitive spreads in the industry, including spreads as low as 1.7 on major currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD!


Leverage of up to 200:1 is available for Forex, 100:1 for commodities and indices, and 20:1 for stocks – where with a small, $5,000 funded account, traders can open large, $100,000 positions on various shares.


It’s good to see that an unlimited demo account is available for new traders or any other traders who wish to practice new trading strategies before moving on to a real account. This “paper trade” is beneficial for traders before they make any financial commitment.


Features traders can benefit from the use of chart analysis, indicators and oscillators and other alerts provided by the broker in order to deliver high-quality assessments of the financial markets and predict the likely direction of an asset based on the current market conditions.


Offers and Promotions offers a free $25 which does not even require a deposit, only registration. Terms and conditions to apply to this offer. have moved towards a policy of empowering clients to get themselves on-board quickly through online self-activation, without the aid of live customer support. Therefore as part of the process, new clients can expect walk-though tips and messages where necessary.


Deposits/Withdrawals accepts a wide variety of payment methods, such as credit/ debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club), wire transfer, Webmoney and local payment methods.

Withdrawals can be done by logging onto an account and clicking on the withdrawal tab. The funds are transferred into a bank account.


Education offers extensive Forex and CFD trading education in the form of videos, seminars, a selection of webinars, the “Forex for Beginners” eBooks, and 1-on-1 personal training.


In the News and Research section, traders at can read the Forex daily briefings which present in-depth coverage of the foreign exchange market. Technical analysis which helps Forex and CFD traders recognize and take advantage of market momentum is delivered by Trading Central, a leading provider of technical analysis.


Traders can also receive full coverage and analysis on indices, commodities and stocks so they can stay ahead and understand the volatile markets. In addition, the Autochartist tool is available and traders can sign up to receive audio and visual alerts as soon as emerging and completed patterns are identified or when Fibonacci patterns are emerging. These alerts are accompanied by appropriate charts and graphs.


Autochartist also offers PowerStats as a feature that give traders a better assessment of risk and volatility on the instruments they trade.


Their website also provides market analysis in both the technical and fundamental spheres. The website is available in close to 25 different languages including French, Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Swedish.


Customer Support has the most accessible support services we’ve come across with offices in 21 locations worldwide and representatives available 24/5 by phone who speak the language of the local office. Email is also available as is live chat. An online form can be used to contact the main office of the broker. Customer service also includes 1-on-1 and CFD training and account management.


Conclusion is one of the most sophisticated platforms in the industry with excellent features and trading tools. Broker representatives speak in a myriad of different languages, spreads are competitive and leverage is generous. In addition, their educational offerings are current and informative.