ATC Brokers Review

ATC Brokers is an online broker firm which offers the software and support required to allow users to trade Forex and futures online. On its website,, ATC Brokers reviews its account options and software support options, as well as general information on Forex trading and information for institutions which are looking to trade Forex.


ATC Brokers was founded in 2005 with the aim to offer Forex Trading possibilites to the general public, since at the time industry professionals mostly traded Forex. They provide a way for those who are new to trading to try their hand at trading Forex online to earn money via investing.


ATC Brokers reviews its software options for interested traders. Customers of the firm can trade using different kind of software platforms, including ATC Trader, Ninja Trader, X-Trader, MetaTrader 4 ECN or Active Trader. Each of these programs can be customized to suit the needs of beginners and advanced traders, and be customized to show important information which can affect the customer’s trading decisions. ATC Brokers reviews its trading options: they provide automated trading, block account trading, data feed integration, custom indicators and API integration, all of that will help customers to make smart and educated financial decisions if trading with the firm.


ATC Brokers provides trading of futures as well Forex. Custimers have access to a number of free charts, as well as technical and fundamental analyses of the marketplace, to help them choose when to buy and sell Forex or futures. The website provides the basics of trading futures and Forex to allow customers to educate themselves on the rules of the marketplace before they begin trading.


ATC Brokers reviews its account options on its website. Customers can apply for an account online by sending personal information and proof of ID. The application is subject to ATC Brokers review, and after approval they are able to fund their account and begin trading online. ATC Brokers offers phone and email customer support to its customers to attend to any questions or custimers clients have if trading online.