Trading Direct

Trading Direct, a division of York Securities Inc., has been serving our clients since 1997. York Securities Inc. was founded in 1979 and is one of the original discount brokers.


At Trading Direct, we offer a full list of products & services that allow you the freedom and convenience to make the most of your investments.




 With one account, you have the ability to trade all of the following...


Common stocks

• Preferred Stocks and Preferred Like Securities

• Exchange Traded Funds and Notes (ETFs and ETNs)

Mutual Funds: Over 500 families to choose from.  Over 5000 individual funds with out transaction fees, including institutional class funds, which may be purchased by individuals, often with reduced minimums.

Bonds*: US Goverment Direct Obligations (Bills, Notes, Bonds), US Government Agency Debt, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds

Options: Trade Monthly or Weekly Options. Buy Calls and Puts to Open. Write Covered Calls. Sell Puts to Open. Enter Spread Orders* 


* Bond orders and spread option orders must be placed via telephone.




Our clients enjoy the following features...

  • Low Margin Interest Rates, up to 3/4% below the Broker Call Rate.
  • Free Electronic Funds Transfers (ACH).
  • Free Paperless Statements and Confirms.
  • Online Tax-Lot Accounting. Corestone accounts with check writing, debit card, and bill pay (see Document Center for details)
  • Electronically import 1099 captal gain and dividend data directly into tax software.
  • Prompt answers to customer service inquiries via email or telephone.