OptionFair New Style Tournament

The trading tournament is a test of skill and ability. The traders who achieve the longest continual run of successful trades will gain the highest tournament rankings and qualify for their share of the bi-weekly $50,000 Prize Package.


It doesn’t matter how big your investments are, or your overall volume of trading; we’re looking for OptionFair’s most talented traders and everybody has a chance to be a winner!

  • In the event of different trades closing simultaneously, the Tournament ranking will be determined by; trade expiry time, and trade ID.
  • Manually closed trades that finish in the money will not be counted for the purposes of the Tournament.
  • In the event of duplicated trades (the trader has opened different options with the same asset, instrument and expiry time) only the first trade will count towards the Tournament.

All OptionFair traders who have an initial trading account balance of $500 or more are automatically entered into the tournament. Every successful trade of $100 or more (or the equivalent value for your chosen currency) will count towards your tournament score. Trades of less than $100 will not qualify for the tournament. Don't worry if your account balance drops below $500 during the tournament - you will remain in the competition right until the very end and can still win a share of the $50,000 worth of prizes. All you need to do is trade!


The tournaments run bi-weekly, starting every other Monday 00:00 GMT and concluding on the second Saturday at 00:00 GMT