Dukascopy Binary Anniversary Bonus

Dukascopy Bank SA offers an opportunity to receive a 100% Bonus on the account equity for Binary Option accounts. Clients can apply for the Bonus during 30 days since their last credit on their account. Bonus subscription entails conditions on traded volume which shall be reached within 1 year after the Bonus has been applied on the client account. Any withdrawal from the account before the required traded volume is reached will cancel the Bonus.


Clients can apply for the Bonus during 30 days since they made a credit on their account. The incoming transfer (Deposit) should be the last operation on the account, i.e. there should be no outgoing transfers (Withdrawals) after the Deposit. 


Application for the Bonus can be done from the client report's "My Bonuses" menu. Bonus amount will be added to the account equity right after the bonus requirements have been met.


The required traded volume is equal to 40 multiplied by the Bonus amount at the time the Bonus application is submitted. The required traded volume should be reached before the deadline, which is one year since receiving the Bonus.


If the client has applied for an additional Bonus, the required traded volume will be adjusted. The additional required traded volume is calculated by the formula.


Before applying for a Bonus, the required traded volume will be displayed in the application form.