Forex Trading Programs

Do you search for the best FOREX Trading Programs? Then this is the right place for you! Below you can find the best Forex Trading Programs.

Forex Trade Copier - the best tool for copying orders in MetaTrader 4: "We offer simple and reliable software which can duplicate/copy trades between any MT4 accounts.

  • Easy to use MetaTrader copier which saves valuable time
  • Reliable, so you are protected from technical issues
  • Powerful, with a lot of features available"

Multiterminal PowerTradeCopier: "Do you want to mirror trades from your MT4 account to several sub-accounts with no delay and without keeping running MT4 terminals? You need MT4 MultiTerminal "PowerTradeCopier" - the best MT4 trade copier. It is also the best MT4 trade copier (compatible with MT4 build 670), because you are able to copy any automatical or manual trading strategy including orders from high-frequency scalping robots."

Make Your Trading Life Easier with The Ultimate Forex Charting Software - Analyze Your Trades with Over 200+ Preloaded Indicators:

  • Find entries and exits in a few clicks. Use the Auto-Fib functionality (you select the first A-B boundary, and it applies the Fibonacci sequence to each extension and retracement after that).
  • Drag and drop the patterns tool to see the Kings Crown, the head and shoulders, the double bottom pattern and more–directly on your charts. The charts will highlight the proper formation when your analysis is correct, ensuring you’re always trading the right levels.
  • Use this software to automatically see major market reversal patterns before the profit potential has passed, giving you a competitive advantage and the same trading edge as the pros.

ChartNexus Fundamental Data: Technical and Fundamental Anaylsis combined - You can now have the best of both worlds where you can refer to both Fundamental and Technical Information in a single platform. Combine both to lower your risk and increase winning probability by taking calculated risk.

ChartNexus Market Data: Up to 15 Years of Historical Data

Having enough historical data will definitely be an important tool in a trader's/investor's arsenal. By looking at historical data, we can learn the various patterns that have occurred before and use it to help us make better educated guess.

We are providing up to 15 years historical data. The historical data is checked for errors and works seamlessly with ChartNexus®.

We understand that being a trader and investor, your job is to lookout for the next profitable investment. Hence, a reliable data source that comes with correct price adjustment is important.

The historical data is checked for errors, adjustments and works seamlessly with ChartNexus®