Price Action Trading Videos Part 2

In part eight of the Price Action Traders mindset you can check out one of the most popular tools in the Forex market and that tool is called the Fibonacci Retracement tool. In the video you will get a guide to the basics of this tool and why it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Part nine of the Price Action Traders Mindset is about the aspect of Patience in trading and why it effects many traders when it is not used properly. It can effect how much profit you can make, how you manage losses or even in instances create bad habits.

In part ten of price action traders mindset you can get an impression of how the market moves as a whole, in particular and how it commonly moves in trending situations. In the video we refer to this sequence as market waves.

In the following video you can get an inside look into the concept of Forex trading with a set and forget type mindset on the higher time frames.

In this video we go over another essential topic. Once again focusing on another part of money management, this time exposure and why keeping this element under control is important.