MetaTrader 4 User Guide - Additional Features



Metatrader is available as a smartphone app which allows you to trade with your phone from remote locations without having to use a PC or laptop or tablet device with an internet connection. You can find the app in your smartphone’s store or on the Metaquotes website. 




Technical studies can be added by being drawn by you in addition to the application of indicators. These are known as the “Objects”.




Chart profiles are a chart or selection of charts with specified settings which can be saved and accessed by the user. This is effected when you click on “File” at the top left your screen and then you select “Profiles” within the drop-down menu which is offering a range of options.

  • Next/Previous: navigates you through the selection of saved profiles
  • Save As: saves the current chart(s) as a new profile that you can name how you like to.
  • Remove: allows you to delete any of the saved profiles
  • Menu: in the lower half of the second menu on the right in the above diagram the saved profiles are listed and can be applied upon your selection of a particular one.



This tool can be used to make measurements within a chart and is accessed when you click on the appropriate icon in the lower toolbar:



These objects - which include the MT4 Fibonacci indicator - can all be added when you click on the appropriate icons in the lower toolbar or when you click on “Insert” at the top of your screen and then you have to select what is required within the drop-down menu:



If you have one account your Metatrader will automatically log you into that account every time when you launch the platform. If you have different accounts or if it is your first log in to a new account then the log in process has to be performed manually. The log in dialog box can be accessed when you left-click on the Connection Status display in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and then you left-click on the Log In box that appears which will launch the log in dialog box:

You have to input your log in ID, password and your preferred server: all the information that you should have received from your broker when you opened the account.


Metatrader provides a strategy tester feature which is allowing you to back test Expert Advisors or Robots against historical data. You can access the Strategy Tester feature through the looking glass icon in the upper toolbar that brings up the Strategy Tester window in the lower part of your screen after you make a left click: