Harmonic Trading

Chart patterns are one of the most reliable and easiest technical analysis tools. Just like in any struggle in to financial chart analysis there comes a time where you must use your own feeling. Some patterns you will come across like a textbook while for others you may have to use your imagination to see them. The most are somewhere in the middle. If you spend too much time looking for patterns you will begin to see them everywhere - not only in your charts. This is the time when things will get dangerous because our brains come preloaded with a pattern recognition software and there is a chance for us to overexcite it and you begin to see patterns even when there are none. So be careful but do not let it keep you away from this powerful technical analysis tool. Just have that mind to be objective and check the criteria for each chart pattern carefully after a while and naturally before you make any trading decisions based on them.


Another thing you should keep in mind is that chart patterns in Forex are working a little bit differently than in e.g. equities. Equities have a "natural" upward bias whereas currencies move relative to one another so there is no upward or downward bias: An uptrend in EUR/JPY is simply a downtrend in JPY/EUR. Most of the known literature on chart patterns is not written especially for Forex trading so please have that in mind if using any of that knowledge when you are trading currencies.


Below you will find an assortment of Forex Training Videos designed to help you learn trading chart patterns.

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