Easy Trend Visualizer

Easy Trend Visualizer is an indicator which shows where the trend starts, where it ends, and where there is no trend at all. It is based on standard MT ADX indicators and works pretty rapid. Easy Trend Visualizer can be used in the main chart window.


Input Parameters:

  • ADXperiod1 (default = 10) is the period of the first ADX indicator.
  • ADXperiod2 (default = 14) is the period of the second ADX indicator.
  • ADXperiod3 (default = 20) is the period of the third ADX indicator.
  • UseAlert (default = false) - if set to true, it generates signals if starting to plot the horizontal line.

You should have in mind that this indicator redraws the current bar. So it is not very reasonable to open an order based on the signal of the current bar. The previous bar is not redrawn and can be used as an entry signal. While Easy Trend Visualizer is quite precise, there can be many false signals. Nevertheless they should not be a big problem when a reasoable stop-loss level is used to minimize the losses. You should always exit your order when the trend is over.


You can download the indicator here: https://www.mql5.com/en/code/13182