Aroon Up & Down MT indicator

The Aroon Up and Down indicator can detect the local tops and bottoms on the chart where it is attached to. This indicator offers buying and selling signals for Forex pairs when they rise from the bottom or fall from the top. The cross of the indicator lines shows you a good signal when to take profit or to exit with a minimum loss. Furthermore the The Aroon Up and Down can send you signals by email.


Input Parameters:

  • AroonPeriod (default = 14) - means the period in chart bars for the indicator to look up for the bottoms and the tops. Like with many other indicators the higher the period is the smoother the output lines are and the lower the period is the more signals will be generated.
  • MailAlert (default = false) - if it is set to true the signals on the intersection will be sent to you by e-mail according to the e-mail options of your MetaTrader platform.
  • SoundAlert (default = false) - if it is set to true then sound and visual alert on the intersection will be generated in the platform itself.

You can download the indicator here: