Trading with Timon Part 3

The next video it the second part on how you can trade the GBPNZD pair and what else to look for for trade entries and risk to reward.

The following video is the last part on how you can trade the GBPNZD pair in Forex including some extra tips and advise to understand confluences and what can give you a better entry for risk reward and probability trading this very volatile pair.

In this video you can learn how much you should risk per trade. You should keep your risk under 2%, that way even when you get a losing streak of three trades in a row you only draw down your account by 6%. For even safer trading or for beginners you should keep the risk level under 1%. Risk is an essential part in investing, you should always know your risk before opening any trade that way you can deal with any losses which may occur.

In the next video you can learn how to keep cool and trade at the right entry if a trend changes. You should wait for pullbacks and then trade in the direction of the trend. That way you have more confluences on your side that means a better chance of a successful trade.

The following video explains you to understand the basics of order flow in the Forex market. It works in nearly all markets and is a method for determining if most likely big traders put big orders in the markets.

In this video you will learn if price action needs to be perfect. Please have in mind that it does not always need to be perfect and looking for multiple confluences is often much better than just the price action. You should always look for at least 3 or more confluences on every trade.

A common question is if it is better to hold a position or is it better to take profit on a position at the next structure: You should do both, that way you allow one trade to run and keep moving and you limit risk by taking some of your profit off at the next problem area on the chart.

The next video is a short guide on how you can take a screenshot, edit it and save a image in order to be able to upload or share online. It only takes some minutes.