Trading with Timon

The understanding of risk reward in Forex Trading is one of the essential aspects to success in this business. In the video Video is about what you need to know and you can find some good examples of using money management and risk reward in trading.

By understanding extensions and Money Management plus Risk Reward, you can begin to change your trading style to much more profitable overall. To sum up an extension is where the market has gone too far, so if the market is most likely to turn and also to turn very fast as well. You can capitalize on this by recognizing these areas and trading in these areas solely and that way you can get the most pips out of a single trade as well.

Here you can find an easy guide on how to add support and resistance to your chart and how to use it as well. In the video you can learn how to do it effectively without adding too many lines to a chart.

In this video you can learn an effective way of using the Fibonacci Retracement Tool in trends combined with price action. It requires patience and timing, but once you have understood it, it is quite an effective form of trading.

In the following video you can learn how to trade the daily alert candle system which is based on price action and daily candle close. It is an easy, effective and profitable system.

Forex market cycles are also a big topic. Breaking up the charts by months or weeks or even days, you can evaluate high probability turn around points that you can use to your own advantage.

A short squeeze is an area on the chart where the traders who are short place their stop loss. Once these areas are hit, the market rallies the other way. By knowing these areas you can profit on the sellers losing money in the market.

Losses are part of trading and so how can you deal with them. Do you run away or do you face them like a warrior. In this video you can learn how to take a loss and accept it in order to be successful in this business whether trading stocks, penny stocks or Forex.