Forex Training Videos

Below you will find an assortment of Forex Training Videos designed to help you learn the Forex market and to become a more knowledgeable trader. The more you know about the Forex market the better prepared you will be to make informed decisions.

TradeMentor - Chapter 1: Forex Trading

Tom Hougaard explains the basics of Forex trading, how FX is used in global commerce and essential currency trading terms such as pips, spreads and leverage.
Foreign exchange trading is not only the largest market in the world, with a daily turnover in excess of 3 trillion dollars. it is also the fastest growing traded market amongst private traders and speculators.We'll be looking briefly at the history of FX, how it is used in the world of global commerce and tourism, but most importantly we want to show you how foreign exchange trading works, the terminology behind foreign exchange trading - but most importantly, how you go about placing your trades.

TradeMentor - Chapter 2: CFD Trading

An introduction to CFDs (Contracts for Difference), a flexible way to trade stocks, indices and commodities. Tom Hougaard explains how margin works and walks you through trading CFDs in both rising and falling markets.

TradeMentor - Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis

Tom Hougaard discusses fundamental analysis and how it can be used in Forex trading. Learn which factors affect the currency markets and why it is important to keep ahead of economic developments.

TradeMentor - Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Technical AnalysisThe basics of technical analysis are explained by trader Tom Hougaard, including price action, volume and the various kinds of trends to watch for when trading Forex and Stocks.

TradeMentor - Chapter 5: Candle Stick ChartsTom Hougaard introduces Candle Stick charts and teaches you how to interpret Candle chart patterns in order to place more profitable trades in Forex, CFDs and Stocks.

TradeMentor - Chapter 6: Principles of price behaviourIn this chapter, Tom Hougaard outlines what price trends are and how to apply these patterns in your Forex or stock trading strategies, whether you are an active trader or long term investor.

TradeMentor - Chapter 7: Momentum and OscillatorsTom Hougaard teaches the basics of momentum indicators and shows practical examples of how he uses these tools in his own Forex trading.

TradeMentor - Chapter 8: Pattern Recognition

Learn how to recognize important trading patterns, including Head and Shoulder Patterns, double bottoms and double tops. Tom Hougaard demonstrates how to use these patterns with actual Forex trading examples.

TradeMentor - Chapter 10: Trading psychology

What are the ingredients for being a successful online Forex trader? Professional trader Tom Hougaard discusses the importance of managing your money and handling risk when trading FX.

TradeMentor - Chapter 11: Trading fearsIn this essential video, Tom Hougaard explores the most common trading fears and outlines the four steps to becoming a winning Forex trader.

Tradementor - Chapter 12: Trading Strategy Tom Hougaard shares his favourite strategy. Practical trading examples, detailed charts and visual aids help you learn and apply this strategy to your own currency trading.

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