Gainsy: Co-investment Bonus

A unique opportunity to co-invest your trading Partner's account, as well as your own Forex account and withdraw Bonus funds. GAINSY Company encourages social trading on the Forex market, so that all the market participants could freely and beneficially interact, share trading knowledge and experience and earn money while trading Forex.


How to co-invest with GAINSY and earn much more:


GAINSY Co-investment Bonus enables traders, investors and partners to take part and actively support trading operations of one another. Now you can buy additional Forex funds and get them credited to the trading account of your own, another trader's account, your partner's account and so on. For example, your personal account's balance is $45,000, you decide to help your partner get the most of his trading strategy and gain considerable profit. You discuss the conditions with your partner and buy Bonus funds in the amount $10,000 and direct this amount to his trading account. Thus, you help him take profit and you both gain. Moreover, Co-investment Bonus is available for withdrawal.


Terms and conditions:

    1. Forex program "Co-investment Bonus" is only compatible with Classic STP trading account;
    2. All the Clients, who want to take part in this promotion, need to make a request through HelpDesk system and apply for bonus amount;
    3. When sending an application, a Client should enter his/her STP account number, which should be credited with additional funds, as well as Bonus amount;
    4. When a Client orders funds under this promo in a certain amount, this exact amount of funds should be deducted from his/her Personal Account and credited to his/her Trading Account under the condition that the Client deposited sufficient amount of funds to his/her Personal Account;
    5. Rate of buying the bonus funds is 1:2, for $1 of real funds you are able to buy $2 bonuses of co-investment;
    6. Minimum amount with which a Client can apply is $50;
    7. Co-investment additional funds should be used for trading operations and are available for withdrawal after 1 month since the day they were added to the Trading Account of the trader, assuming that the Client does not apply for funds withdrawal from his/her Trading account during this month;
    8. In order to withdraw credited funds, a Client should complete a certain trading volume, that is calculated according to the following pattern: (Balance + Bonus) x 0,4 coefficient. The calculated amount is the trading volume that must be executed. If the Client fails to meet this requirement during 1 month since the day of additional funds crediting, then Bonus funds shall be cancelled from his/her Trading Account;
    9. Funds that were used for buying bonus, as well as profit gained as a result of trading on account with activated "Co-investment Bonus" program, are not available for withdrawal until bonus expiration;
    10. The number of Bonus applications submitted by the Client is not limited under the condition that the Client complies with the rules of the current schedule;
    11. Multiple Bonus amounts can be added on the same Trading Account of the Client;
    12. Promotional funds of this schedule are not compatible with other Bonus promotions offered by the Company;
    13. The Company may require some additional documentation from the Client to verify his/her identity;
    14. GAINSY Inc may refuse to credit co-investment funds at its sole discretion with no explanations to the Client;
    15. If the Security Department of the Company detects that the Client executes unfair trading operations, then the Company has a right to deduct credited funds at any time;
    16. The Company has a right to change terms of this schedule unilaterally, or to stop it at any time without notifying the Client. New conditions are effective once they are posted on the official site of GAINSY Inc.