Gainsy: $5,000 Non-Deposit Forex Bonus

Get $5,000 real money for free! There are so many skillful and experienced traders with their own unique and profitable trading strategies in the world, but not all of them have a possibility to show what they are made of. We think this is unfair and that is why we offer you to collaborate under fair, transparent and mutually beneficial conditions – we give each and every successful trader non-deposit Forex bonus on PAMM Account in the amount of $5,000. Thus, you make income for yourself and for the Company: you get all the Investors' revenue for account managing which you set by yourself, while the Company gets profit earned from the $5,000 given – that's what we call fair collaboration! Jump at the chance and start managing PAMM Account for free! Just acquire Investors to your PAMM Account and enjoy managing funds while making profit for you and your Investors! Let's make your wish come true together with GAINSY!


How bonus can be used:

PAMM System is a unique investment tool that allows all the professional money Managers and Investors to earn additional profit on the Forex market.

Only GAINSY gives you $5,000 real money on your Managed Account providing you with the unique opportunity to start managing PAMM Account. If you are an experienced trader of the Forex market, you just have to install GAINSY Toolbar (provides you with direct access to general PAMM Account rating), apply for PAMM bonus crediting and get $5,000 real money from the Company. From now on you are free to enjoy managing Account and get your profit as Investors' reward which is also set by yourself.


Terms and conditions*:

    1. In order to get $5,000 PAMM Bonus funds, you have to install GAINSY Toolbar in your browser (to install the Toolbar click on the right picture). The Company reserves the right to require the Client to provide proofs of Toolbar functioning in the Client's browser;
    2. Money in the amount of $5,000 under PAMM Bonus promotion shall only be credited to PAMM Accounts;
    3. In order to participate in current Bonus program, your account must be completely verified due to Clause 3 of the Client Agreement;
    4. Under no circumstances one Client can apply for these Bonus funds crediting more than once;
    5. Bonus funds credited under current Bonus program in the amount of $5,000 as well as profit gained while trading with this amount are not available for withdrawal under any circumstances and are completely the property of the Company;
    6. Manager is permitted to withdraw only Manager's revenue which is set by the Manager while creating Managed Account during the upcoming Rollovers. Application for withdrawal shall be processed within 24 bank working hours;
    7. All the profit made on the given $5,000 shall be withdrawn during the upcoming rollover and transferred to the Personal Account of the Company. All the profit from the revenue of Investors for account managing is available for Manager's withdrawal during the upcoming rollover;
    8. Manager's profit is available for withdrawal via bank wire transfer;
    9. In order to take part in current Promo program you have to register on the official web-site, submit a Ticket in Help Desk indicating Managed Account number to be credited with the Bonus, and send trading statement showing your trading results during one month period at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Once our analysts monitor the above-mentioned statement, you will be notified via e-mail whether your application is confirmed or not;
    10. The Company bears and covers all the possible trading risks of the Manager under current Bonus program: in case if the Manager loses $5,000 that were credited by the Company, then the Client does not have to refund these funds;
    11. The Company reserves the right to require the Client to provide additional documents proving his identity;
    12. The Company reserves the right to refuse in Forex bonus crediting without any explanations;
    13. In case any unfair trading manipulations are detected by Security Department, the Company has the right to carry out extra rollover and deactivate Managed Account. All the invested funds shall be returned back to the Investors;
    14. $5,000 Bonus Promotion duration period expires on the 31 of December, 2014;**
    15. The Company has a right to change unilaterally terms and conditions of this program or to stop it at any time without Client’s prior notification. New conditions enter into force after their publication on the official web-site.

* All the other terms and conditions correspond to the PAMM Agreement terms and conditions.
** This promotion has come to an end. Currently another PAMM promo program is available on our site. For more details, please click on the button below.