Dukascopy: Earn $50/hour for Broadcasting

  • Dukascopy Swiss Forex Community TV is a public broadcasting area. Dukascopy Bank SA utilizes Telefision Interactive rooms, a technology developed by Telefision AG: https://www.telefision.com.
  • Dukascopy Bank SA offers an opportunity to earn $50 USD per hour by hosting your own Webinar and discussing a qualifying topic with other community members.
  • In order to benefit from this opportunity and to provide your Webinar to be hosted by Dukascopy Bank SA, the first step is to propose your Webinar topic highlighting all the necessary details such as the date, time as well as the Webinar outline via the main page of the project: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/Live.
  • Once your topic has been approved (or rejected) by Dukascopy Research Team, you will receive a notification on your Dukascopy Community inbox. The Webinar topic will appear in the Webinar schedule, if approved.
  • In case you wish to use slides or any other visual materials, you have to send them in advance to Dukascopy Research team at research@dukascopy.com. Dukascopy Research team might arrange system testing to ensure that the video and audio devices work properly and you get familiar with the Interactive rooms navigation.
  • The total monthly budget of Dukascopy Forex Community TV is up to $15000 to be shared by the volunteering Webinar presenters.