Why is it good to trade alone?

Some traders have the idea to trade with others. It can work, but there is no guarantee. You should have the following points in mind when you trade alone:

  1. You make your own decisions without having to to explain the rationale of your decisions to another person. You can be focussed on what the Forex market is doing and how you react to it, instead of annoying psychological and emotional dynamics of a trading team.
  2. You have the possibility to experiment, based on your knowledge which you gain from your experiences and your self-education without having to ask others.
  3. No person can blame you for their mistakes. So no time is wasted on justifying your decisions or feeling guilty about the effect of your trading mistakes on another person's financial situation.
  4. You alone are responsible and accountable for your own success or failing. You can not blame anybody else. For some people it can be disappointing that they can not blame anyone else when they fail. For other people it can be very empowering to know that they alone are responsible for their own destiny.

We think that a person should trade alone first before he/she decides to trade in a trading group. This allows you to develop your own philosophy and your own understanding about yourself and the Forex market. We can understand that not everybody is able to trade alone because it requires some beliefs and values to be part of the trader's character. Not all traders have the same characteristics. Not everyone can trade in the atmosphere of loneliness. E.g. there exist people who need social contact more than others. It can be difficult for people who are social by nature and for those who solve problems by talking to others.


Besides there are people who do not have faith in their abilities and in their capacity to learn trading successfully. We know some traders who need constant certainty before they take their own decisions. For others trading in a group can be the only option to give them a push, otherwise they would never start trading at all.