Overall and in a few words, we are satisfied with the service and the team and would surely recommend it to others. It is awesome.


We first joined the older format of the club: VladimirForexSignals. It was already providing a great service in both educational materials and performance. We just joined the forex world, starting to learn, and had an account where we executed the trades from the club.. even counting a few money management mistakes on our own, in the end of a period of 8 months we closed in profit, slowly and steady growing, month by month. So we can say from personal experience that if you follow the rules and advices you are going to be profitable, in the long run.


When the format of the club changed, we were a bit skeptical in the beginning, since it did not provide signals anymore (which was great), only directions and explanations on how to trade on your own with Vlad systems, or any other system. But as soon as started to follow, we realized the service offered is much better than before and if you have the time to attend and learn, it will make a huge difference in your trading. You just do not blindly follow signals, instead you have to think and understand why and when you take a trade.


Now a bit of detail on different aspects of the club


Website: there are tons of material and you will need weeks to see it all. From beginner to advanced topics. There is a guest traders section which is also great, where you see different contributions from Vlad team of traders.


Live trading rooms: there are two live sessions daily, one with Vlad and one with a member of his team, in which you can review live the markets directions and updates, and interact with them. If you can not attend you can download later the recordings, and ask your questions, which are always answered. This is really of great value, and Vlad and his team put a huge effort in preparing the sessions, recording, and uploading, and most of all looking for the best possible value for the members.. also, they are open to suggestions about the format of the session, and in general other aspects of the club.


Telegram rooms: there are 4 telegram rooms, two interactive and two informative. One for general chat, one exclusive to talk about systems and setups; both are of great help, we like very much the systems, because you have the opportunity to post your trades and get feedback directly from Vlad and his team, or other traders. This is a great help to improve, and many times you realize that you are almost entering into a bad trade, and change your mind. The more you participate, the more you improve. The informative chats are for report updates and guest traders ideas.


Members interaction: this is one of the best parts, and we like the way Vlad and his team interact and moderate the talks.


Reports: you get daily reports with all the directions we are trading, with validations and invalidations plan, and the reasoning for each of them.