"High Probability Trading Strategies: Entry to Exit Tactics for the Forex, Futures and Stocks Markets" by Matthew Driver - Review

This books starts off in an incredibly easy-to-read fashion, lulling you in to a comfort zone as Miner explains the first step on his trading strategy, optimising oscillators for any market on any timeframe, and then how to use them on dual timeframes to time market entries. If those are the only chapters you read, it could transform the effectiveness of whatever strategy you currently use.


But Miner goes further, a lot further. His use of Fibs, both internal and external, as well as APP's (Alternative Price Projection) to create high probability zones for trends or retracements to end. He then adds Fib time projections which, when added to the other elements of his strategy, all come together to predict - in advance - high probability price and timezones where the market will likely turn.


It is a great book and fascinating. Miner's unconventional use of Fibs and E-Wave analysis is both simple and powerful, and even if you do not use his strategy you will be hard pressed not to learn something from his methods.


On the downside, the book is poorly edited and phrases and passages are repeated in close order frequently, which, for us, jars the flow of writing and interrupted my concentration at times. Worse, some of the discussion surrounding his precise indicator setups on Fib retracements, extensions and APP's is almost incomprehensible. It is almost as if he thinks he is already explained a concept earlier (but has not) and refers to it as if the reader should be completely familiar with it already. This creates a lot of extra work on the reader's behalf and even trips to Google to find other explanations and discussions on the subject.


That said, it is far more readable than anything Al Brooks has written, and if you can get past the poor editing, you will finish the book with a whole new view of market price patterns and how to profit from them.


Highly recommended.