Ray Dalio explains the economy

In a 30 minute video the legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio explains how the economy is working in an extremely simple, unorthodox and effective way.

Why did Ray Dalio produce such a video? In an interview with New York Times he says: “While I kept it confidential until recently, I now want to share it because I believe that it could be very helpful in reducing big economic blunders, if it was more broadly understood,” he wrote in an e-mail. He explained that, “I believe that most influential decision makers and most people cause a lot of needless economic suffering because they are missing the fundamentals.”

Ray Dalio is the founder of the world's biggest hedge funds "Bridgewater Assiociates" which has been founded in 1975 and today manages more than 120 billion USD. He has over 30 years of trading experience. According to Forbes he was 2012 at position 88 of the world's richest people with an estimated asset of 10 billion USD.