Bond Trading Strategies

In the following video Jonathan Rose shares the secrets of successful Bond trading learned over the course of his nearly 20-year trading career. You will not only learn new ways to trade Bonds, you can also discover the strategies which Jonathan has used in proprietary Bond trading firms. Jonathan will display a Bond trade that you have not seen before and show you what to avoid if trading Bonds.

In the next video Andrew Edelberg discusses drivers such as prices vs. yields,and spreads. Andrew will also discuss strategies such as fixed income ladders, barbells, and butterflies. You can learn about actual themes such as fixed/floaters, GICs, and NVCC/Bail-In (non-viable contingent capital debt).

This video covers the first of five diversification strategies which can be used to build better portfolios. Gina Beall - Senior Investment Research Analyst - describes how a defensive Bond strategy works.

In the next video Gina Beall explains why investing globally is important.

The following video provides insight about small cap stocks’ volatility and diversification.

The next video you can get an insight on the difference between value and growth stocks.

The following video provides insight on the reasons for incorporating alternatives such as REITs and commodities into your portfolio.