Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies Part 2

The following video shows you the best way how a trader can trade Bitcoin profitable over a longer period of time (Bitcoin Buy and Hold Strategy). You can use the Money Flow Index on the 2H chart to find spots to buy after a dip,

The next video shows you three candlesticks: The Engulfing Candlestick, The Hammer and The Shooting Star and how they act as reversals.

In the following video you can learn how to read candlesticks and also how to trade them.

The next video shows you three ways of how to trade Volume. Volume Spikes, Loss of Momentum and Breakouts are included.

This video shows you how to buy into an uptrend by using support and resistance points. This simple Bitcoin Trend Following Strategy aims to maximize gains and minimize losses using these points.

The next video is about Candlestick Analysis and shows you how using volume can lead to trading candlesticks profitably.

The 15M strategy uses EMA crossover's combined with volume to create a system which can generate large profits and small losses.

The following video gives you four drills which you can use to better your trading ability. When you are using deliberate practice techniques every day, you can elevate your trading success.

5 Powerful Trading Strategies For Trading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies