Dukascopy: Signal Provider Grand Prix

Dukascopy Signal Provider Grand Prix ("Contest") is a long-term competition between Participants of the Trader Contest. Once you take part in the Trader Contest, you are automatically registered to Signal Provider Grand Prix.


The Contest has 2 nominations – 6 months and 12 months (or Trader of the year nomination), where leaders are determined according to their average performance in the Trader Contest and are additionally filtered by their average draw-down. Winners are awarded monthly and the yearly prize fund is 105,000$. The winner of the 12 months nomination gets the Trader of the year title.


To be eligible for the prize, one has to be an active Trader Contest participant for at least half of the respective period (3 months for 6 month period and 6 months for the yearly period), whereas participation in the current contest month is obligatory.