Dukascopy: Fundamental Analysis Contest

Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest is a unique competition elaborated for participants to simultaneously make predictions on impact of fundamental news on chosen currency, submit well-grounded opinions and discuss possible outcomes on-line with other members of the community before and after the news release. Technically, this contest is analogous to binary options trading.


Every week a set of most influential news will be open for predictions. Participants are allowed to make as many bets per week as they want. When prediction has been made it's impossible to modify or delete your comment. By default, contest period is 1 week. All news for the next contest week are published on Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest web page before 21:00 GMT on Sunday. Ranking is based on the number and rating of correct predictions and Dukascopy expert evaluation of the best comments. In case of equal scores the earlier prediction wins.


The Contest is conducted on a weekly basis with a weekly prize fund of $1500 to be shared among five winners. Prizes are awarded in form of LIVE trading accounts with Dukascopy.