What is the best way to learn Forex Trading?

You should have the following seven important points in mind:

  1. Take the time to properly educate yourself
  2. You have a plan
  3. You apply money management
  4. You are not greedy
  5. You are persistant
  6. You learn from your mistakes
  7. You understand the need to always be learning

What is another important point that you should always start by developing your own trading plan. At first you have to find out what type of trader you are, check your behavioral, emotional and personality traits: are you a patient person, risk averse, discipline etc.? You should also determine what types of time frames fit to your personality. When you are not a patient person then longer time frames might not be good for you and vice versa. Also you should have a look at different systems and what appeals to you and fits in with your trading personality. A general rule: Do not fight it, flow with it. Then you should trade on a demo account to see if you were right in deciding what type of trader you are. The most important thing is to know that there is no holy grail, so work hard, make a plan and follow it. And of course plan your trade and trade your plan. We do not plan to fail, we fail to plan.