What is a meaningful capital to start Forex Trading?

It is possible to open a trading account with just 100$ or even less in some cases. Is this amount enough to trade? Technically it is possible. With that money you can trade if your Forex Broker offers nano or micro lots. So 100$ is enough to trade Forex.


But the question is: is it enough if you want to do serious Forex Trading? No, you will not earn much money in a year if you start with just e.g. 300$. A few hundred dollars are good for the learning process at the beginning. You can “play” with that money, make some mistakes, learn new things and grow as a beginner trader.


When you learn how to trade, you should always use money that you can afford to lose. That is a very important point which you should have in mind.


Many new traders see all the advertising of Forex Brokers, read about leverage and think that they do not need a lot of capital. That is a big error in reasoning. If you trade full time it is different. You must have a solid capital because with that capital you can make profits. So let us come to the question how much capital do you need?


It depends what type of trader you are but 10,000$ is the minimum in our opinion. The perfect amount for the start is in range 10,000 – 50,000$. The amount of capital is strongly connected to your trading system: e.g. how you handle the risk level, do you trade short term or long term etc.